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Whether cutting production parts day after day or working on custom,

one-of-a-kind projects, our tables meet your needs.

New Gen5 System

Ohmic Sensing Torch Height Control, Auto Nesting, Node Smoothing, Shape Library, Auto Cut Speeds, Job Reports, All Standard!

Technical Support via Email & Phone For Life!

Gen5 4x8
5x10 Table Cutting 3/4" Plate
Pecan Knoll Sign
Dragon Art
128 Brackets
1/2" Tab
3W Test Cut
1/2" Plate
Nested Cut
Big Green Egg custom grate
Spider & Web
Inside the shop
Promo Jeep 004
Cutting stainless
Flame Clock
Gen5 Z Axis
Vertical CNC Table
55V Cutting Horse
The Independent
Gen5 Gantry
Clean, smooth cuts
4x8 Table
Made in the USA!
Plasma, Oxy-fuel, Engraver, Spindle, Tubing Cutter