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Turn-Key Systems

Gen5 Gantry

CNC Table

Open table design, no upper rails.  Easily load from front or side.


Rails positioned under the frame, no chance of damage during loading of materials


Tables accept & cut full sheets of materials

Example -  true 48”x48” cutting capacity on the 4x4 table!  


Cable carriers protect all cables


Rack & Pinion Drive


4”x2” rugged welded & powder coated steel construction


Z axis travel (up to 4”)

Ohmic Sensing Automatic Torch Height Control


Dual Motors on X Axis.  Auto Squaring of gantry to table

CNC Table, Burn Table, Plasma Torch, Hypertherm

Control System

Job Reports, Auto Nesting 

CPU, Software & Licensing  

Fully Licensed  CAD/CAM & Machine Control Software

Import shapes or draw them in CAD

On snap, Ortho, Polar, Grid features

Import Images and Convert to dxf format

Preset Cut Parameters

Lead-in & Lead-outs automatically inserted

Automatic kerf compensation

Shape Library

Lifetime Phone and Email Tech Support

Factory Training


Plasma Torches

Hypertherm PowerMax Torches



  • 1/2” cut capacity, 200-240V 1ph



  • 5/8” cut capacity, 200-240V 1ph, 230-600 3ph


  • ¾” cut capacity, 200-240V 1ph, 230-600 3ph


  • 7/8” cut capacity, 200-600V 3ph


  • 1” cut capacity, 480V 3ph

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